Priority 3: transition to adulthood

Our aim: Every young person in West Somerset will be inspired to achieve the best possible education outcomes after the age of 16.

Why is this an issue?

  • a smaller proportion of 19 year olds attain a level 3 or equivalent qualification compared to the Somerset and national averages. Just over a third of disadvantaged pupils attain a level 3 qualification compared to nearly 40% nationally. This means that young people in West Somerset are not well set up to benefit from the growing employment opportunities in the area.
  • young people in West Somerset are more likely than their peers nationwide to achieve a level 2 qualification by the age of 19
  • young people have to travel out of West Somerset to attend other post-16 provision, including colleges that can provide vocational options. Long travel times are often the main reason why some pupils drop out of post-16 education, despite the fact that out-of-area college provision is rated as outstanding and helps young people to do well.

We will:

  •  widen the offer at West Somerset College by adding vocational study programmes using the college’s industrial training facilities to provide access to high quality vocational education
  • increase participation in the National Citizen Service that provide a wide range of activities for eligible young people to develop life skills and raise aspirations. We will do this by raising the profile of the programme amongst West Somerset’s young people, agreeing a recruitment plan with West Somerset College and promoting the benefits of the National Citizen Service using local graduates from the programme.
  • ensure every young person at key stage 4 has a personal action plan, setting out a pathway for how they will achieve their education and career goals.

Our targets

  • we will increase the percentage of young people achieving level 3 qualifications, such as A levels, at age 19 and close the gap between West Somerset and Somerset in both academic and vocational qualifications.
  • we want achievement in West Somerset to equal the strong results already being achieved in the best performing parts of Somerset.
  • all young people leaving West Somerset College to go onto further education, employment or training.
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