Opportunity Area Year 4 Announcement


West Somerset was the lowest ranking district in the Social Mobility Index in January 2016, a measure that compares the chances that a child from a disadvantaged background will do well at school and get a good job. Not enough children were achieving the same level of attainment at school as in Somerset or nationally.

In 2016, West Somerset, along with 11 other areas across England, was selected to become an Opportunity Area. This resulted in a planned programme of education interventions, implemented from 2017. These interventions have to date yielded success, but there is still more to achieve. The fourth year of the programme, which starts in September 2020, will further ensure that improvements are built on and embedded, preparing more young people in West Somerset to take advantage of current and future opportunities.

The Year 4 Plan

Four educational priorities will be implemented in the 2020 to 2021 academic year.  We will also aim to share learning, developed within the Opportunity Area, with other parts of Somerset and the south-west.

  1. Continued development of sustainable, high quality teaching and learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) A targeted programme of activity to further strengthen Early Years provision in West Somerset will build on professional development of the workforce and will focus on speech and language, maths, physical activity and inclusive practice.  Successful initiatives that have engaged families in the development of young children in the home learning environment will be extended. Best practice will be embedded in settings and will support sustainable, long-term good quality provision led by the West Somerset Early Years Community, which is a specific self-directing professional group established in 2019 to drive improvement in West Somerset. Ensuring sufficiency of childcare in West Somerset will also be a priority.
  2. Delivery of evidence based: literacy strategies, maths mastery and SEND practice in West Somerset schools. Investment will help schools strengthen teaching and learning of core curriculum subjects and ensure education is inclusive.  Special attention will be given to those students who are at most educational disadvantage, particularly during the period of Covid-19 education recovery. Strong transition and curriculum coherence throughout all key stages will deliver a school system that helps more children and young people attain at and above national benchmarks
  3. Deliver, with schools and early years settings, a focused Children’s workforce recruitment campaign that promotes education in West Somerset. The need to boost recruitment of teachers and other education professionals in West Somerset is one that is regarded as important by early years’ settings and schools. This intervention will help to ensure a strong workforce base will be sustained by the local school system in West Somerset.
  4. Support schools to meet requirements of the national careers strategy and engage young people in the world of work. Working with partners to ensure a programme of activity designed to broaden horizons and develop aspirations will be delivered across West Somerset.  Employers will be engaged to support this process and encouraged to develop their own work-based training through the apprenticeship route.  

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